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1, 40, 60 or more emails to make a custom piece special for you.

Hello good friends.!!!

Today I would like to share with you a story of how a custom personalized order sometimes starts. It all started with a simple email I received.

 "I'm looking for something, maybe a bit different than you usually get requests for, but I think it should be simple... wanted to get your feedback. I would like to get a small, engraved pendant bar to wrap around the neck ...... with her name on it. Looking at your products, I think your name bar necklaces might work fine. I'm looking for your thoughts on what would be good for my needs. "

 I sent my thoughts  "Regarding the visibility from a distance, I could do a deeper and wider engraving. The bar, itself, could also be wider than the standard. We'll decide that only when we know the final dimension." 

Then we continued by discussing the fonts options, length, and other information.

After lots of emails, I produced the Custom order......


He got it and this is what he thought and wrote:

"Hey Vicky, I am so, so pleased with it. It came out perfectly down to every detail. Thank you so much for helping with this, the level of attention you gave was remarkable.  I've attached a couple pictures of the pendant in place. I think it looks great. Thanks so much again."

It gives such a good feeling when I manage to do something so special.

 So if you want something that is not in my store, feel free for ask, I always enjoy creating something meaningful for you.


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