Amethyst the the birthstone of February

This month's birthday has one of the most loved and ancient stones. It is associated with the third eye chakra. It enhances spiritual openness and healing, which comes from a high spiritual dimension that comes from expansion and spiritual openness.

  • The Amethyst gemstone assists in meditation and contemplation, therefore, it helps expand creativity.
  • Its name in Hebrew is Ahlama, part of the Temple priest’s breastplate stones.
  • It helps with insomnia and soothing anger, because of its good qualities.
  • Sometimes you will find it in conference rooms, in study rooms, it helps to concentrate.

There is a beautiful legend that tells of Dionysus (the god of the vines and wine) when he was abandoned by the goddess Diana (the goddess of hunting) he was furious and decided to take revenge on the first person he encounters.

He met a beautiful girl whose name was Amethyst. Goddess Diana came to the girl's aid and, according to legend, turned her into a stone. Dionysus, in his rage, poured wine on her that turned her fossil body to purple as the color of the wine.

From this, a belief developed that drinking a glass of wine made of the amethyst stone would avoid intoxication. 

Who is celebrating a birthday this month?


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