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An Artist Spotlight Interview

Work Your Art........

Viyoli, Gemstone Jewelry for the Body and the Soul.

Hello there! What's your name and where do you live? Living in a picturesque, small town, four hundred meters above sea level and overlooking the Mediterranean sea, gives a lot of inspiration. The town is located on the outskirts of Kefar Saba, slightly northeast of Tel Aviv, the center of Israel.

 Is being an artist your day job? If not, “what do you do?”

Right now to be a goldsmith and jewelry designer is not my primary work, but becomes "full time" as soon as I get to the studio. Right now I am working part-time, as administrative director, at a company representing equipment manufacturers abroad.

 How would you describe your work?

Working as a goldsmith, creating something from scratch, is the most amazing thing I've known in my life, it's full of energy and adrenaline. Then, when someone likes it and buys it . . . . .  it’s just something wonderful.

 Do you feel you have a specific demographic, or audience you create for? What are the characteristics of your ‘ideal customer’?

In my opinion, in the field of jewelry, there will always be an audience. There are many of us, there is a place for all, as each one of us  is different. The jewelry that I make is unique and one of a kind. Although, till now, I have not sold enough, I'm sure it will come. Now I'm creating a small collection, in small quantities, for brides and bridesmaids.

When do you feel most inspired to create?

Inspiration is with me all day. I absorb it from the surrounding, natural place where I live, and from stories and desires of people who want unique jewelry. At night it is formed and the next day I start creating. I wish I could just create the whole day, but I also have to spend time marketing.

Are you presently promoting on social media? Which platform gave you results and which didn’t?

I am active on Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Each of the above brings people, some less, some more.

 What kind of marketing are you currently doing for your creative business? Is it working out?

It depends on how many hours of the day I manage to invest in promotion. It is actually the hardest thing for me, I prefer to let the jewels speak for themselves.

 Do you invest in any kind of advertising?

Maybe, when I grow a little more, I'll be able to consult a publicist. That would be wonderful. Just to be clear, talking directly to customers is something amazing. It brings me a lot of joy and many customers, who with time, have become friends. For some I have become also a personal creator of their dreams.   

 What is the number one tip you have for creatives in your niche that are just starting out?

The tip I can give to another artist: learn the marketing platform, be patient and believe in yourself.

 What are the things you feel yourself struggling with?

Time, I don't have enough time, and marketing…..

 Do you set regular goals for yourself and your business? What are you currently aiming for?

Since last year, I put my goals for the quarter and, meanwhile, manage to meet them. For the future. . . . ? I plan to increase the number of items in the store, hopefully increase sales.

 What is something you’d still like to learn (a skill, a topic) with regards to creative entrepreneurship?

There are always new techniques; there is a workshop in Germany, where you have an encounter with Jewelry artists from around the world and working and learning from each other and together, this is a big dream for me it come true.

  When reading back this interview one year from now, what do you think would have changed?

That, Silversmith and jewelry designer will be my full day activity.!!!!!


  • Thank you so much JD

  • I have really enjoyed reading more about you! Your jewelry is beautiful and unique, and I can tell it is made with loving care. Wishing you great success with your jewelry craft!


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