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October Birthstone.

The stone of light with the beauty of the rainbow colors has a special sparkling in every move. The Opal has few names: the "water stone", the "eye stone" it's connected with good energy and is considered to be a talisman. It can allow us to recognize our friends or enemies. It's a protective gem, a shield from people's negative energies. it also can protect when you wear an Opal against the faulty vision while strengthening the mind and memory. This gemstone is dedicated to the eye, so pleasing to the sight, it inspires love and hope, innocence and purity, luck and happiness.

 There are some legends about this gemstone, I just added two of them, they are nice stories: The first one is the legend of the Australian aborigines that say, the Creator came down to Earth on a rainbow in order to bring the message of peace to all mankind. At the very spot where his foot touched the ground, the stones came became alive and began to sparkle in all the colors of the rainbow, and this was the birth of Opals. 

 Because Opal contained the color of all gems, the Romans thought it was the most precious and powerful of all, possessing the virtues of all the gemstones whose colors reside within it. Octavius Caesar was said to have been willing to sell one-third of his vast Roman kingdom for a single Opal, and the rich Roman Senator Nonius was condemned by Mark Antony for the sake of a magnificent Opal as large as a hazelnut which he owned but refused to sell. Seeking safety in flight, he took no possessions except the ring which held the valuable Opal


  • Thank you, my ladies, it’s really a beautiful gemstone, the rainbow of colors make it very special. It is like the beauty of your souls.

  • I love this blog. Great story about Opals – it is my birthstone and I am very lucky to own a few already. The stones your shop carries are beautiful and I am so happy when I wear your jewelry. Thank you for sharing this story.

  • I enjoyed your article – thank you for sharing the stories of the Opal.
    The Opal is by birthstone, and I have always loved them.


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