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Celtic knots

The Celtic knots are just a complete loop that has no start or end and could be said to represent eternity. Whether this means loyalty, faith, friendship or love. Only one thread is used in each design which symbolizes how life and eternity are interconnected.

Most scholars believe that Celtic knots were developed for religious and secular purposes. In the Christian era, Bible manuscripts, Celtic crosses, and jewelry were adorned with these symbols. However, historians have difficulty ascertaining whether or not there was particular significance behind each complex design. For the most part, it appears as if the Celts did not have any special meaning for each design as they were typically used as decorations to fill empty spaces, for example, such as in manuscripts.

These knots were also found in architecture and book illumination of the Byzantine Empire (Rome’s empire in the East which was founded in 330 A.D.). Further examples of Celtic knots can be found in Ethiopian art, Russian book illumination in the Medieval era as well as in Islamic art.

The one called the Trinity Knot is the best known Celtic knot and is also called the Triquetra. It represents the interconnection of life and our place in the universe. The points on this threefold knot, represented by three connections representing the land, sea, and sky,

As well as being stunning to look at, Celtic knot designs have a rich cultural heritage and can convey a variety of meanings. Whether you decide to wear one or simply create your own design, It’s a beautiful thing on eternity, the meaning of infinity.

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