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Choosing the right word for the right time.


There is time, that we change what we wear without actually understanding the reason. There was a time that I wore a ring on each finger. Suddenly I noticed I stopped. That happened with necklaces and all our jewelry.

We don't always notice it, but we change. Our mood changes, hormones, things that just happen in our life.

In jewelry, we can see the changes. In engraved jewelry, it's amazing, how we see it.


If you want an engraved piece, if it is a necklace, bracelet, ring or even earrings. You don't what to engrave? Just stop for a moment and think. Ask yourself, what if a question could change your state of mind.

 Is it

    • Something that you need to let go?
    • Something that you dreamt about?
  • Something that can help you grow?
  • Some word that can remind you to be you?
    • How can you make this world better, what word could help serve your community, your country?
  • Or how can show your love to others?   

    When you read these questions what is the first word that comes to mind?


    Add them in the comments. It will be interesting. Sometimes, we'll find the same words, we will not feel alone with our feeling, we may even find a new friend. Like that you can find for You!! Now!! the right word, for the right time. It can be for a day, it can be for a week, a year or more.

    This time, for the reason I'd like to share with you, I prepared a special treat: You will get A 20% discount when you enter the code:

    "The right word" at checkout. I hope you will enjoy it, now in the summertime.




    • Thank you Andrea, so happy I did something good!!! we always need to count our blessing!!!!

    • My word is Blessed with amazing family and friends, you made me think – thank you. Very good questions


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