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Gold? Gold-filled? Gold plating?

When we hear about gold, we think about our possibilities.

I hear a lot of women say, "I love only gold", "I'm allergic to all other metals".
I will try and explain and give you another look at this metal, gold.
Like all metals, gold consists of a combination of alloys. After all, with pure gold it is difficult to make jewelry, because of the intense color, and mainly softness.
The most common combinations today are 18KT, 14KT, 9KT. The combination is determined by the percentage of gold and the different percentage of other metals that are added, whether brass, copper, palladium, or other options. Karat is the degree in which we define the purity. Gold is apathetic, that's why we found it in nature, in its free natural form, usually as tiny grains.

Gold-filled- is stuffed gold. The process of making the metal is by heat and pressure fasteners on metal such as brass or copper. The gold portion is, at least 10%, so the coating is thick enough to prevent peeling, oxidation, and blackening.
So why should choose gold-filled?
The reason is, it offers all the physical features like beauty, durability, and strength. It’s a question of price. When producing goldfield you can control the thickness, the Karat, and the color. Since the gold layer is inseparable, in reasonable use it will be extremely durable.
Please note that jewelry made of gold-filled can withstand 30 years of daily use without significant abrasion. I emphasize that gold-filled jewelry is made of gold layers which wrap other metals. When you wear necklaces, bracelets, rings, the feeling is the same as if you are wearing gold.

What is Gold plating?
To be be honest, I am less attached to plating, although today many shops, factories, offer beautiful plated jewelry. Gold plating is a mixture of metals coated with a thin layer of gold, the plating layer can range from 0.1-5 microns. With pendants it’s often only a flash. There are jewelers who make their own, there are companies that specialize in plating/coating.
If you ask me, this is just my opinion, I less recommend buying rings or bracelets that are coated, because with time and a little inattention, there are scratches and with time the coating wares down and the color fades.
If you still choose coating, be sure to ask if the coating contains nickel. Many times nickel is added to the mixture, which often cause skin rashes. Today, in the United States, nickel is not used. It’s from here you hear the phrase “I only wear gold”. It’s mostly allergic to other metals, not the gold.

Don't forget that gold-filled jewelry is still more expensive and thicker than gold-plated jewelry - 5 to 10 times thicker than regular gold plating, and 15 to 25 times thicker than a product that has been electroplated. So, just keep in mind that gold-filled is somewhere in the middle between gold and gold-plated jewelry.

Next time you are looking for gold jewelry, remember gold is gold and the concept of real gold is unnecessary. In Israel the most common gold is 14 KT and since the covid pandemic the price is constantly rising. Today I work with gold only by special orders.
I'm sure you will find affordable jewelry in stores with stocks. In my store, you will find Gold-filled.
In my humble opinion, the most important thing is that you decide what you like and what fits your budget.

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