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1 or 2 Wings? How can we remember?

There are many ways for us to remember our loved ones and keep them close to our heart. 

A beautiful memorial jewelry is one of themThere are some symbols that are now very trendy. One of them is wings. Wings have a soft look, yet pack a powerful meaning regarding the strength of love, compassion, and protectiveness.

 Wings are related to the cognitive faculty, imagination, thought, freedom and victory.

 Wings can be seen as a symbol of God’s presence and as an expression of one’s faith. They are prevalent throughout Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Angels are believed to be messengers from Heaven who are here to love, support, comfort, protect, heal and guide us.

 Wings evolved in land and sea creatures alike, and for years they’ve held a special place in religious and mythological texts. An essential component of angels, birds, and bats, wings represent many ideas related to freedom, dreams, and faith. 

 Almost in every culture, you can find the wings and an explanation for it. Like in the  Hindus, the wings are the expression of the freedom to leave earthly things behind as a result of contemplation and to reach paradise. 

 I believe that wings give us a connection with the universe, give us the opportunity to feel close to those who are not with us anymore, it's a reminder of them. Some like wings, some like feathers, butterflies, you choose the way. I can help and make it personal and meaningful for you.



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