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How to return the balance to our gemstones?


  In our daily life, we wear, take with us a gemstone. Same as we sometimes need a day off, our gemstone also needs a day off. The need for cleansing and reloading energies.

 Our gemstones can protect us, sometimes they absorb negative energy from the environment, from worries, negative thoughts and thus become unbalanced.

 By spiritual cleansing, you return the balance to your gemstone by using the fundamental elements of fire, water, air, and earth.

One of the good and easy ways to clean our Gemstone is with flowing water. The water-energy ensembles emotion, feelings and divine intuition. Using water energy to clean our Gem is the easiest and the most dependable way to clean, purify and to get them back to balance.

 How to clean?

Put your gemstone in a colander, you can put few gems together, no worries. Slowly pour water over them for 2-3 minutes, then turn them slowly to the other side and pour water over them again.  If you are near to the sea, ocean, that’s a great way is to do it.  Just go in to the water, the salt water, and the waves will do the job.

When you finish pouring the water, let the gemstones dry naturally by placing them on a small tower, or paper towel where they can absorb the natural daylight.   

 It's easy, and it's a good way to take care of something that takes care of you.

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