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How you choose your Jewelry?

There are all kinds of women when it comes to choosing jewelry.
Some choose their jewelry by the slender body shape and bone structure so it fits great with their signature style.
Sometimes you can just add a scarf and eliminate the need for a necklace or earrings.
There are many that love bold, colorful dramatic and statement necklaces, and sometimes it can take your outfit to another level, but this doesn't always fit everyone.
You can choose your color of jewelry. It can be your personal love, or you can decide based on your skin.

  • Usually Gold goes well with a warm skin tone.
  • Silver goes with the light tone of skin color.

If you want to follow your bone structure, say you are petite,
you might choose dainty and delicate pieces.

The dainty piece you choose can be with personality, with colors or interesting charms. When you think of earrings, you can wear pearls or colored gemstone, or different shapes, just keep it in proportion to the size of your other jewelry.
If you are bigger, you can choose statement, bold pieces. Sometimes, when you choose a delicate piece, it may just disappear on you. Enjoy your options.

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