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I offer a surprise Jewel, what does that mean?

If you like surprises . . . . . this is for you. A surprise piece of jewelry!

I specialize in making unique jewelry based on background stories. Describe a certain situation, anything specific you want to share, a desire to improve something or anything special you want for someone else. Let me know which materials you prefer (metals. gemstones, etc.), what month you were born in and if there is anything else you feel you’d like to share.  I know how to listen.

Based on your story, I’ll make a piece of jewelry that I feel will do you good. It can be a necklace or a bracelet. The cost of the jewelry will be surprising, only 40.00$ for 925 sterling silver and 50.00$ for 14k gold-filled.

I work with solid metals (not plated) and real gemstones.

Here’s an example. Someone, who is a strong and gentle woman, born in December. The stone of December is the turquoise ... one of its strong features is the ability of the stone to connect and adjust energies, helping to emphasize her best. From her story my I realized is that she deals with people. I immediately realized how accurate it would be for her to make something with a turquoise stone which is generally good for vocal cords, it reinforces. For her, I would make a delicate silver bracelet and turquoise stones. 

Another wonderful customer stated that she’s a nurse, and she needed a necklace with “protection”. It was fun making her a special necklace to protect her at work. She didn't have to say much. Today she calls her necklace her “work necklace”, that takes care of her at work. I even made her an additional one. Sometimes the necklace also needs to be cleaned. As it absorbs the negative energies it needs to be reloaded, from time to time, with positive energies. It’s not simply being a nurse.

 If this interests you, leave your details here or write to me at and I’ll get back to you soon.


  • Thanks for your honesty, much appreciated. It’s really hard to offer anything to someone who, on one hand, is quite doubtful and on the other is surrounded by jewelry. There’s always a chance you’ll find something special elsewhere.
    Maybe you’d like a necklace with a cross engraved on silver (or gold-filled), your initials on the back and your month stone (let me know your date of birth).

  • I’m a Christian so any energies I receive come from Jesus, not from any stones I wear. I work at a fine jewelry store and wear many gemstones. What would you recommend for a doubting Thomas like me?

    Cyndi Wilkins

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