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One of the blue colors.

The color BLUE, there are so many variations, I love them all, what about you?

Today we will continue discussing the section of the color wheel, representing Winter, and housing the colors violet, indigo, and blue.

Indigo is a color that combines blue and violet. It’s a color with a lot of spiritual meaning. It's the color of virtue, maturity, judgment and long life.

Indigo can boost up the perception a person has of things and encourage unconscious processes, such as intuition. This means that indigo can help develop a deeper awareness of what is going on. It also encourages other states of consciousness, so it’s a good color to use for meditation. This color is so beautiful and powerful it will bring your awareness and understanding of some complicated relationship. 

The indigo color will also ensure that when you find the wisdom you will be more open-minded to the information you are gaining. It's the color of honesty; in the spiritual world is a gemstone of guidance and finding your truth. 

To help maintain the natural connection in life, to be aware of your place and to keep your soul connected, indigo can also be a light that will give you humbleness,  modesty, and virtue.

The difference in uses is a matter of the degree and intent. While amethyst connects between the old and the new indigo connects us to the natural world and helps us understand the connection.

While blue is the color of communication with others, indigo turns the blue inward, to increase personal thought, profound insights, and instant understanding. While blue can be fast, Indigo is almost instantaneous. Inventors use indigo skills for inspirations that seem to 'come out of the blue'.

  • You can use the indigo color in your life when you want:
  • Focus on personal issues.
  • Develop your intuition.
  • Solitude and inner communication
  • To step outside of everyday life in a new and interesting way of viewing a problem.
  • The indigo got his name from the indigo plant that is used to create the indigo dye. 
  • It's also one of the rainbow colors.

 Indigo gemstones open the door to the subconscious, symbolizing the bridge between the finite and the infinite. They are used as a guide to cosmic knowledge. The indigo stones are Sapphire,  Azurite, Lolite, the blue Goldstone, the Lapiz Lazuli 

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