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Please be prepared on time this year.....

Last year I got emails from some customers, that were angry at themselves. They forgot to order on time, then they needed to use couriers, and were anxious for the parcels to arrive on time.

The weather is getting crazy from year to year, too hot, too cold, too much snow........

This year I'm just sending you this small reminder, my wonderful customers, as well as new subscribers: please, please place your order on time, don't wait till the last moment.

It's great to buy handmade jewelry. Apart from enjoying the jewel, you do a great thing in supporting a small business.

  • Here are some good reasons to support small business 
  • Independent artists also care more about how well their products are made and what materials they're made of. 
  • Buying handmade directly from the artist almost always ensures higher quality and longer lasing jewelry. 
  • I believe that the majority of self-representing artists care about the environment and take proactive measures to keep their designs in line with repurposing, recycling, and sustainability.
  • When you buy from an artist usually there is a story, that you are involved in, or the story of how the artist creates the unique piece you bought. 
  • When you buy a necklace that was made by machine you will lose the story of the creation.

I’m sure that you also will feel joy knowing that you are helping a small business and help us to be independent.  I'm VERY GRATEFUL for your support and we are doing our utmost to deserve your consideration.

To show you my gratitude, I'm sending you, for the first time, a 20% discount coupon. My prices aren't high, from the beginning, but I cherish your support, and I know you have a lot of gifts to buy. 

Use code Be-ready at checkout to receive 20% off your order.



  • Thank you for the reminder, it really came on time!!!! excited to see my necklaces

  • What a nice surprise, thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m so happy you like your new piece.
    Thank you!!! JayDee!!!!

  • I LOVE your handmade jewelry! I cherish the pieces I have from you. It is obvious to me that your works of art are created from your heart. That’s very special! I highly recommend Viyoli Jewelry – you won’t be disappointed!


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