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"Rimon" in Hebrew - Pomegranate The Charm....

"Rimon" in  Hebrew - Pomegranate - physicality is a sign of abundance because it is packed with seeds. The root of its name is identical to that of the total name for the seeds of the field grain, and it seems that it has recently been attributed medical qualities that improve our health. 

Spiritually, the pomegranate symbolizes inner value.

 It is also an expression of humility and submission.

In various cultures, it symbolizes abundance, fertility, beauty, and wisdom.

It is customary to eat a pomegranate on New Year's Eve meal and say "our rights will increase as a pomegranate"

 The pomegranate was also a symbol in other cultures; The ancient Egyptians saw it as a symbol of eternal life and used to bury their dead with grenades in the hope of a rebirth. The wives of the barbarian tribes used to predict the number of the offspring of the women who were born by creating a circle on the ground with a ripe grenade thrown to its center. The expected number of offspring was equal to the number of nuclei thrown out of the circle.

 In Greek mythology, too, the pomegranate played a role. Hades, the god of the underworld, gave a pomegranate to Persephone, the daughter of the goddess of the earth, Demeter to make sure she came back to ask after she had visited her mother on earth. She was not allowed to touch the fruit until she got out of the pool, but she could not resist eating the pomegranate except for six seeds, so she had to ask again every year. Mythology explained the winter as the sadness of the goddess of the earth separating each year from her daughter.


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