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The 5 pieces you must have in your jewelry collection

Through history, jewelry has been worn to give a look and to add a "finish" to your outfit.

I'm sure that all jewelry lovers, all around the universe, will feel naked when not wearing earrings. I'm sure that you even run back home to put on a pair.

When you come to build your jewelry collection you should focus on a mix of pieces that can work together. Then, add a couple of pieces that are really "standout" items, in terms of color, or size.
Your jewelry should reflect your personal style.
Here you have the items of jewelry that you should have in your jewelry collection.

  • The most classical one will be a pair of earrings. You should consider a studded pair of earrings. The pearls stud is perhaps the most classic. It goes with any outfit, for every day, or to go out at night.
  • The other item I would add is the hoop earrings. It's stylish and still casual, you can choose the size, color gemstones.... according to your personal preference.
  • The next piece you should add to your collection is a cocktail ring. Please note that cocktails don't have to be big and bold. The secret is in the color. 
  • It should stand out from the rest of your outfit, it should be the centerpiece of your outfit.
  • Now, of course, the bracelet. Bracelets have been extremely important in history. In India, for example, married women are expected to wear bracelets, which are associated with matrimony. In most cultures in the world, bracelets are connected with protection, against the evil eye )
  • The last piece should be a necklace. Any style will work, and the beauty of it is that long necklaces go with everything, from day to night. In the evening, you can make it shorter by doubling it, or you can also layer long necklaces with pendants.

Share with us what are the must-have pieces in your collection.


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