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The birthstone of October and the 14 wedding anniversary.

We just celebrated our New Year, and here we start a new month, a new birthstone for the month of October, the Opal. Like in birthstones, in the anniversary gemstones, the Opal is also the gift given for a 14th wedding anniversary

The opal has good energy, can be as a special shield, absorb the negative energy around you and protect your mood and avoid hurting your feelings. Opals resonate with energies of the Mother Goddess and are exceptional gifts for mothers or mothers-to-be. It can make a perfect gift for the birth of each child.  As emotional support, Opal helps overcome fears of childbirth that may prevent a woman from trying to conceive and can alleviate overwhelming fears during pregnancy and early months of a new baby’s life. 

Opal honors Cardea, the Roman Goddess of Doorways and Entry. She protects the family and children of the house. 

It's a karmic stone that will show you that everything you put out into the universe has a way of coming back to you. 

It encourages spontaneity.
Use this stone to gain the perspective needed to make the shift from distraction to action. 
It amplifies traits and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation.
It increases self-worth, helps you understand your full potential.  

The opal is like lightning in a rainbow, it flashes its brilliance with even the slightest movement. This is a gemstone that is dedicated to the eye, so pleasing to the sight, it inspires love and hope, innocence and purity, luck and happiness.  

 Happy birthday!!!! may all your wishes come true.


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  • Years ago I was given opal earrings by my son. It is a gift that I’ve treasured. Opals are just so classic!!

    Patty A.

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