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The color Black

Usually, we hear black is for grief, but with black, we seem to be/feel slim. Like we must have, in our wardrobe, a black dress, we must have a black black is actually a very positive color.

The black crystals are very protective and offer you a retreat, the safety of being hidden from your enemies. You can use them as protective amulets. Carry them when you are concerned about your personal safety. You can even keep one black gem near your front door. 

There are a lot of Black crystals such as Hematite, Agate, Black Tourmaline, and Onyx, and there are more, but these are the most popular they are power crystals that, relieve your fears of physical harm.

Each of these crystals should be part of your life. Beside the good it brings to your life, they have such a good energy like the Black Tourmaline, besides being a great grounding force, can also give you a sense of wellbeing. 

I tried them, I have them, I love them............. I will be writing about them there is so much to write.

Then you can decide which one you prefer. 



  • Thank you !!! sometimes its surprising………..What the colors mean…………….

  • Loved this black positive blog! Can’t wait for the next one. XOXO


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