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The Gemstone of April

I hope you all are well and staying at home. For those who are celebrating a birthday this month, I decided to write about the gemstone of this month, trying to keep a little of the routine, by writing for you. 

The main gemstone of the month is Diamond. It's the stone that marks the 60th anniversary of marriage. Diamonds are great conductors and amplifiers of energy, absorbing thoughts and feelings then radiating them outward. Remain positive while holding or wearing Diamonds to project empowering thoughts around you and attract a positive reaction from others. They can be useful in the workplace for a congenial atmosphere, or for expanding the field of opportunities in attracting prosperity. 

The parallel or the alternative gemstone for the Diamond is the Clear Quartz, it's a great crystal. The colour and the clarity is like the diamond, and in the family of the crystals, it is a very powerful gem.

  • The Clear Quartz amplifies, balances, focuses and transmits energy. 
  • It is also a stone of clarity and can increase inspiration and creativity. 
  • It's useful to improve concentration and retention of knowledge.
  • It has powerful vibrations, sometimes when you want to emphasize the energies of another stone, you just add the clear quartz near the other crystal, or to enhance groups of stones.  

The Clear Quartz acts as a deep soul cleanser, It focuses on inner negativity and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings in its place. With a better perception of the world, this gem increases awareness and clarity in thinking, and provides enhanced energy, perseverance, and patience, teaching one to live, laugh and love.

Wearing, carrying or meditating with this beautiful gem opens the mind and heart to higher guidance. 

I hope these times will pass quickly, and well all return to normal life, where we can complain about this and that, buy things for ourselves, friends or family.

Wishing you all good health love and light.

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