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The good energy in the Jewelry

Gemstones are a good thing for our life. They help our spirit and wellbeing and are also beautiful and fashionable.

You can enjoy the good energy of the gemstone, by wearing them as jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, just a pendant, as earrings or anklets (this is better in summer) so you can always show them.

 You can even connect them to the chakras, by wearing them the right length. For example, if you are having issues with your throat chakra, like a problem in expressing yourself, you can wear a blue gemstone and it will unblock and rebalance the chakra.  

My jewelry is all handcrafted, most of them are one of a kind unique piece. They are made with high-quality materials. If you don't see the style of the piece that you are looking for, just contact me and you will be answered as soon as possible.

 Sometimes people are afraid to check with the silversmith or the goldsmith - the artist, as they think it will be more expensive, but I think it's good to check, sometimes you will be surprised and you will get a unique piece of jewelry, handmade, stylish at a very reasonable price.


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