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This gem is so good for parents......

Hello good people, hope you all are well, this time I bring you an interesting trip story.

It's amazing how sometimes I find a gemstone. In the beginning, I don't know why I buy it, and later on, I receive a question or request and the stone just shows up.....  

On my last trip, I found a very interesting crystal, the name is Aragonite. This time I bought 4, it must be unique, that's why I don't buy too much.

I knew the name but didn't study it. After I got back I cleaned it and loaded it with energy (sun or moon), and left the gemstone open to the air. I loved the energy but didn't prepare it for sale.

After a time, I got a note regarding some gemstone that would "bring positive energy to our home, a stone to help alter the mood in our house these days."

Without knowing, I looked at the aragonite. It seemed its time arrived, and I started exploring. Now I understood why I bought them.

This gem is so good for parents......

 Sometimes with teens living at home life is not always easy. They are changing from kids to teenagers, to adults. I believe when we were there, it was a little deferent. Today they change, they go through a lot, there are lots of mood swings and negativity in the house. I think it's harder with boys. To communicate with them is a big challenge. Encouraging them to always be respectful and responsible is also a challenge. 

The crystals - gemstone has a nice place where they can help support cleaning the atmosphere at home.

  • The Aragonite Helps to make the order in thingsץ
  • An internal order that follows an external order. 
  • Effective during times of stress and anger by increasing patience and self-discipline. 
  • It is recommended for parents, increases their patience and patience with the child. 
  • Purifies the thought and gives a clear view of the truth. 
  • It will give you that boost of courage.
  • It will remind you of your own strengths and capabilities so that you can face whatever will come your way.
  • To the issues of suitable grounding in its brown version.

 Its a quite new gemstone, found in 1978 in the Aragon River in Spain, and this is how it got its name. it's also found in the USA, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK, France, Spain, Namibia, Morocco, and Mexico. 

Now I'm a little sorry I bought only 4, as one I already use for myself, and one already sold.

Do you have teenage around? how is the atmosphere, any tips to share with us?


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