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Viyoli by Vicky Ehrman

I am fortunate to live away from the city. It's a small place, surrounded by nature - trees, flowers, birds, and bees giving a very peaceful atmosphere. Add your desire to this, I've got my recipe.

After I finished my service in the navy, nearly three decades ago, I traveled around the world. First to Europe and then, spent a year traveling in South America. There, I found myself collecting gemstones. At the time, I had no idea why ... years later, when my children grew up, I took a totally unexpected direction in life, after responding to an invitation to sign up at a jewelry design school. Having believed, all the years, that I had two "left hands" (that's what I was told since childhood), I had no real intention to sign up. Even though I planned on studying law or social work, the thought of creating and working with my hands never really left me. It was always there, at the back of my mind. Then I figured "what's there to lose ?" I went to the opening day of school and learned about determination and perseverance that first day, two qualities I believe I was blessed with. All of the rest . . is history. Viyoli specializes in Gemstones and healing Jewelry that is unique, versatile, comfortable, and flattering, with casual glamour. I love to incorporate all kind of gemstones, raw semi-precious stones, beads, and pearls. In most of my jewelry, there are gemstones. I've learned a lot of techniques that I use in my work. I work with all metals, silver, gold, and brass. I mold in wax as well as knit. So if you're looking for some things for you or for someone you love, are looking for high-quality pieces, then you came to the right place. I'm very proud of my jewelry. You can see the love that is put into it.

♥♥Thank you for supporting my handmade business and for stopping by Viyoli Jewelry Designs♥♥

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