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When have you been on vacation lately?

I'm excited, after a long time I'm going on a short vacation!!!!! yea, yea!!!! 
For now, I also have a day job, I'm traveling to participate in an exhibition, so I took a few days before to celebrate my 30 years of my anniversary, first time I will be offline, for that reason who will buy on this weekend will get a 15% discount, and of course you will get a small present, as when you come from vacation you bring present to your friends right?
  • As when you buy something that is handmade, you buy directly from the artist. Whenever I have an item in my online store or people ask if they can change something, you get involved with the end product. 
  • I’m sure that you also will feel joy knowing that you are helping a small business and help us to be independent. 
  • So I'm VERY GRATEFUL for your support and I'm doing my utmost to deserve your consideration. 
Here you will find the link to the 15% discount, you will see it at checkout.

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