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Why did my gemstone break?

When you have a specific type of pendant that break on you, it means something in your energy field is so significantly out of alignment in its area of responsibility that the pendant has been overwhelmed to the point at which it shatters. Gemstones hold energy stable for us to use, but they do not move very fast. As they absorb the energy around them, to balance it, the tools need to dissipate it, the gems need time off to recover themselves. sometimes when we feels such necklace, bracelet are helping us, we wear them all the time, but really we should substitute on occasion other health-balancing options as well. It isn’t just your personal energy that caused the crystal to break or crack. Pay attention to where you were when the crystal cracked or broke. Just as we can feel and absorb other people’s energies, so do the crystal and gemstones we may have on our body or near us.

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