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Why Viyoli?

 You may wonder where the name Viyoli comes from.

Viyoli is my family, home, love ️, support.

I've been thinking for a while now, what to write. If it's to tell you the story of my life, it isn't a nice one all along. It's a story that was of struggle and loneliness, but I chose life. So, here's in short.

When I was young I didn't have a supportive family. At some stage, they even gave up on me, when I didn't do what they wanted. Instead of giving up I decided to struggle and create a supporting family, a caring family. To be there for my hubby, son, and daughter. I show them the way. Sometimes I let them do their own mistakes, but they know we are here for them, no matter what. Today, when both kids are in their twenties, I know I did something right.  So V= Vicky, I=Itzik, YO= Yonathan, LI=Lilach, coming from the names of the family.

They are all with me at all times, the name reminds me all the time, what is most important.

Thanks for reading, thanks for you supporting my small business.

Viyoli jewelry design.

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