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Why you should buy HANDMADE - directly from an artist.

Today we see people around the world that want to embrace things that are handmade.Handmade work is unique,  it’s normally made in limited quantities, so you will not find lots around.

When you buy a piece of jewelry that someone else creates for you, you feel that the purchase reflects who you are. The reason is not important, it can be the color, the texture, the shape, you selected or just the mood you happen to be in. An item that has been crafted as an expression of the creative spirit of the person who made, is treasured and valued far beyond an item that was made for worldly, mass consumption.

Now I will tell you some benefits why to buy handmade - directly from us the artists.

When you buy something that is handmade, you buy directly from the artist. Whenever I have an item on my online store, and people ask if they can add or change something, you get involved with the end product. You get answers to any question you have - about the techniques used.

Customer service and support are unparalleled when the only two people involved are the customer and the creator of the jewelry.

  • Usually, people think that handmade and quality will always cost more than mass-produced.
  • When you purchase your jewelry directly from the artist you cut out the middleman and the price increase that usually the outcome. 

 I deeply believe that most of the artists care how their products are made and from what materials. You can, therefore,  be sure that the piece you buy is of the highest quality and will last for a long time.

Independent artists also care more about how well their products are made and what materials they're made of. So, buying handmade directly from the artist almost always ensures higher quality and longer lasing jewelry.  

I believe that the majority of self-representing artists care about the environment and take proactive measures to keep their designs in line with repurposing, recycling, and sustainability.

When you buy from an artist usually there is a story, that you are involved in, or the story of how the artist creates the unique piece you bought. When you buy a necklace that was made by machine you will lose the story of the creation.

 These are just a few reasons, why to buy from a handmade artist. I’m sure that you also will feel joy knowing that you are helping a small business and help us to be independent.

I’m saying in my name, and believe I can say in the name of all the artists around the universe that we are VERY GRATEFUL for your support and we are doing our utmost to deserve your consideration.




  • Gloria thank you so much always a pleasure

  • I’ve bought several pieces from this expert silversmith and can’t tell you which is my favorite because I love them all. I wear them every day, mix n match my rings and bracelets and have my go-to earrings that are really pretty. Super customer service and outstanding quality of the materials and craftsmanship. No need to worry about the international shipping as this shop uses tracking and always knows where her packages are. I love getting the lovely gift-wrapped packages in the mail – perfect in every aspect.

  • Thank you so much, Mrs. A. I’m happy you like it

  • Great post, Vicky. You really brought up some good points especially about the story behind each piece.

    Mrs. A.
  • Isobel, Thank you so much, I always afraid that my English is not good enough, so happy it’s easy to read. Thank you !for sharing !!!


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