Dainty & Chokers Necklaces

Without a doubt, the most popular type of jewelry right now is Dainty, delicate jewelry. If you want a piece of jewelry that whispers a statement, that's the way to go. It's surprising how much a minimal necklace, can elevate a simple outfit. You can even wear all of those items together without having to worry about it looking overwhelming. Not to mention, minimal jewelry instantly makes the wearer appear incredibly chic.

Today, a beautiful Choker necklace is so popular. It has the touch your neck will love. You can wear it alone or layered with more necklaces. It’s modern and has a lot of chics. Perfect to wear for dinner, dress it up with literally any top. Have I mentioned . . . . . it is also the perfect gift !!

An Important note, please use a string to measure the part of the neck where you would like it to fit, otherwise, it may be too tight. You must measure the exact length.
- The necklace comes with 1.5" adjustable extender. So if you get a [ 13" +1.5" ] it would have the length of 14.5" total, with an adjustable length between 13"-14.5".

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