Covid -19 Statment

We all are in a difficult situation; hope you are healthy and staying at home. As this became the best way to keep healthy, I hope you all find what to do at home during these hard times.

I wanted to let you know, that my studio is at my home. I'm doing everything alone, no outsourcing. All the raw material, including gemstones, were here before the crises began, and although these substances cannot be contaminated, you can be sure all is virus-free.  I’ve taken all precautions to keep my shop space clean.

 As service (apart from the quality of the product) the most important thing in my store is fast shipping. I want to be as clear as possible, I prepare the orders immediately, but these days, the post office can be slower. For standard shipments, I send with tracking information and work with USPS. You can also upgrade to have your order shipped it with DHL courier. Today, the delivery can be longer, everything depends on the special situation in your home-town. I track and follow all shipments and let you know when they are near you.

I thank you for buying, these days, from our small business. 

So, feel free and shop our website. I'm sure you will find a special piece of jewelry for yourself or for someone you care about. Show your love!! Now that summer is here, it’s a great time to have something new!!!

If you have questions, or you would like more information, or would just like to chat - let us know. 

We wish you and your family the best - now and always. We look forward to hearing from you, or waiting for your visit at our store - we're here for you.Please Stay Healthy! we will get through these times!!!!

Love & Light