Custom Orders

To create a custom piece of jewelry is so personal and emotional. By listening to your story and working together, we can make a custom piece special for you, for your family or your friends. It's such satisfying work.

Here are stories about some of the collaborations between my customers and me. I hope you enjoy reading these stories and find inspiration for your custom project!

This ring is a product of the creativity and the patience of Vicky Ehrman. My original idea was to have a ring for my grandson incorporating his birthstone and those of his parents. Vicky worked very hard to come up with a design which met my wishes while maintaining her very high standards. After a number of trials, it proved not to be practical to include all of the gemstones I selected in a single ring. She produced this beautiful opal ring and is working on plans for a companion piece using the other two stones. The ribbon of silver surrounding the stone reflects the design of a Celtic knot ring which is very meaningful to him and the band has the same hammered silver texture as a star ruby ring which my wife had made for my birthday. This creation is part of a circle of birthstones depicting the unity of my family.

This ring is one of two specially ordered for my grandsons as part of a family birthstone project. The peridot gemstone is particularly striking. Its lovely translucence has subtle inclusions that give a feeling of movement in its depths. Because it is so distinctive, Vicky made the design of the setting very simple and elegant. The texture of the band is the same as that of a sapphire ring we had made for his father, my son. The artistry of this creation makes it something that will always be treasured by my grandson and the whole family.

This ring was commissioned by my wife for my July birthday to accompany one which was made for my son, who was born in the same month. Vicky's creativity is reflected in the way in which she crafts distinct expressions of a common theme. The light of the star seems to shine from the core of this magnificent ruby, which is clad in a shimmering hammered silver surface. I am honored to wear this unique and elegant piece as part of a cluster of birthstones which mark the unity of my family. We were unable to wait until July to share in the opening of these treasures, which we will always wear with love and pride.

This ring is one of two companion pieces which contrast on the exterior but have the same deep glow at the heart. It was made to mark my son's July birthday and crafted by Vicky with the eye and hand of a sculptor. The rugged surface of the raw ruby reveals an inner fire, while the setting from which it emerges appears as if it were carved from a solid block of silver. It is one of a family circle of birthstone jewelry and will always be worn with honor.

Vicky has made a number of rings and necklaces for my family birthstone project. Some are original custom designs; some are ones that she has already created and some, like this one, are modifications I requested to items in her store. This one adds a great deal by the inclusion of the beautiful large aquamarine and quartz beads which provide a striking setting for the lovely circled aquamarine pendant. This design works so well that she has added a new similar one to her store. Try it; you will love it also!