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My Specialty

Viyoli specializes in gemstones and healing jewelry that is unique, versatile, comfortable, and flattering, with casual glamour.

I love to incorporate all kind of gemstones, raw semi-precious stones, beads, and pearls into my designs. In most of my jewelry, there are gemstones.

I've learned a lot of techniques that I use in my work. I work with all metals, silver, gold, and brass. I mold in wax as well as knit. So, if you're looking for something for you or for someone you love, or are looking for high-quality pieces - you came to the right place! I'm very proud of my jewelry. You can see the love that is put into it.

Each item is an original and unique piece of art. It is a handmade work made by me with great love, attention to every detail, top precision and high-quality finishing.

I learned gold and silversmith and I like like to create something out of nothing. I love to use the techniques I've learned over the years, and sometimes I try new things in a new collection. I love to combine precious stones and metalwork.

I work with gemstone-only specially selected pieces, chosen for their unique qualities - either due to their energies, their colors, their healing abilities or simply because of their especial sparkle. Natural stones are just beautiful to wear and they exude special healing energies whilst you wear them.

I design and create every piece of love and passion, just for you. I make them one of a kind, or in small series, so you will not see them everywhere. I can customize according to your specifications. I also create custom orders for weddings and other occasions. Please contact me and tell me what you are looking for. We will work together and design something just for you.