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My Vision

For 20 years I have been making dreams into unique jewelry in my small studios amid nature that is full of inspiration. 
There is ready-made jewelry that can easily be turned into a custom-made piece of jewelry with an engraving done in the studio. The jewelry is meticulously handcrafted in small series with a high level of finish and attention to every detail. The materials I work with are sterling silver and goldfield combined with natural gemstones. 
Come and visit my store to find an exciting gift made in Israel at affordable prices.
Hi! My name is Vicky. I am the owner and sole proprietor of Viyoli Jewelry Designs.

Custom Jewelry

Sometimes you stroll around the internet, looking for a piece of jewelry that will catch your eye.
You are not sure exactly what you are looking for, but you have a direction, your style, and your story. 
Through listening to your story and asking questions - you and I can translate your thoughts and emotions into a perfect design that will suit your story. It will be my honor to make a special piece of jewelry just for you.

Creating a custom jewelry design is very personal and often emotional. When we collaborate, I will listen and ask about your passions, your dreams, and your desires. I can design within my own aesthetic and signature style, but it is your story that will make the perfect piece for you, and you’ll be part of the process every step of the way. 

My Goal 

My goal is to make a custom piece of jewelry happen for you by crafting a fine quality piece that has deep meaning and purpose…whether it’s to hold and cherish a memory, or to make a new unforgettable memory for you, your family or friends. 


As a designer and a silversmith and goldsmith, making every piece of jewelry unique and personalized is challenging and highly satisfying work. I like to create a piece of jewelry for the body and soul. I believe in making every piece unique and meaningful - working with a passion to make your dream come true by creating a piece you choose to make personal and meaningful.

How It All Started

After I finished my service in the Navy nearly three decades ago, I traveled around the world. First to Europe and then I spent a year traveling in South America. It was there that I found myself collecting gemstones.

At the time, I had no idea why … but years later, when my children grew up, I took a totally unexpected direction in life after responding to an invitation to sign up at a jewelry design school. Having believed, all those years, that I had two "left hands" (that's what I was told since childhood), I had no real intention to sign up.

Even though I planned on studying law or social work, the thought of creating and working with my hands never really left me. It was always there, at the back of my mind. Then I figured "what's there to lose?"

I went to the opening day of school and learned about determination and perseverance that first day, two qualities I believe I was blessed with. All of the rest is history.